8th Congress of WPK Closes

Pyongyang, January 13 (KCNA) — The 8th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) closed on Tuesday after successfully finishing the discussion on its agenda items amid full support and expectations of all the Party members, other people and service personnel of the People’s Army.

The eighth-day sitting of the congress was held amid the full display of the delegates’ revolutionary will to remain boundlessly loyal to the idea and leadership of the Party Central Committee and dedicate themselves to implementation of the decision made at the congress and unconditionally serve the people.

Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the WPK, took the platform of the congress.

All the delegates raised stormy cheers of “hurrah!” in reverence for the general secretary who put up a signpost for a new great victory of our Party and revolution and glorified the Party congress as a revolutionary one for progress and innovation with his extraordinary ideological and theoretical wisdom and seasoned leadership.

Kim Jong Un made an important conclusion related to the 8th Party Congress.

He said the congress which held as the eighth one in the history of our Party brought up the immediate plan of struggle for opening up a period of fresh upsurge, a period of great changes in the revolution and construction and important issues arising in developing the Party, and sincerely discussed them.

Saying that he hardly repressed his grateful and heavy feelings while receiving the greatest honor of being entrusted with the duty of the supreme leader of the dignified WPK again by all the delegates and other Party members, he solemnly swore that he would do his best to implement the fighting programme set forth at the congress with the sacred mission that he represents the great Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Party and is responsible for it, and devote himself to serving the people as befitting their true servant, believing in our great people as in Heaven.

He clarified the main idea and the main spirit of the congress and specially stressed the need for the whole Party to deeply cherish again and uphold the three ideas – “believing in people as in Heaven”, “single-minded unity” and “self-reliance.”

Saying that we should be ready for more difficult offensive for making a breakthrough head-on to win a fresh victory and make a brilliant progress in accomplishing the cause of socialism, he ardently appealed to everyone to make a more dynamic struggle for successful fulfillment of the struggle programme advanced at the 8th Congress of the Party, for the development of the glorious WPK and victorious advance of the revolutionary cause of Juche and for our great people.

As soon as he finished his conclusion, all the participants broke into enthusiastic cheers and applauses, expressing their absolute support for his important conclusion.

The congress entered into procedures for adopting a resolution on the first agenda item “The review of the work of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea”.

It examined the creative and constructive opinions summed up by the resolution drafting committee at the inter-sector consultative meetings and decided to reflect them in the resolution of the 8th Party Congress.

The delegates unanimously admitted that the scientific, realistic and dynamic goals and tasks in line with the demand of the developing revolution were reflected in the resolution.

The 8th Congress of the WPK solemnly adopted with unanimous approval of the participants the resolution on the first agenda item “On thoroughly carrying out the tasks set forth in the report on the work of the 7th Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea”.

General Secretary of the WPK Kim Jong Un made a closing address at the 8th Congress of the WPK.

Highly appreciating that the unity and revolutionary enthusiasm peculiar to our Party and people making steady advance and leaping forward towards the goal of fresh struggle, united close in the one idea and purpose despite manifold challenges and trials were erupted once again with the 8th Congress of the Party as a momentum, he sent warm thanks to all the members of the Party, other people and service personnel of the People’s Army who have kept highly strained attitude and displayed great devotion and revolutionary spirit to ensure the successful congress.

Saying that the decision of the Party congress is the strategy and tactics of our Party to win a fresh victory in our own-style socialist construction, its pledge before the revolution and people and a supreme order given by our great people to the Central Committee of the Party, he said earnestly that our Party members and delegates should receive the decision made at the congress heavily and honorably from such noble viewpoint.

Expressing belief that the strategy and policies for struggle advanced at the congress would be successfully carried out and signal progress made in the construction of the Korean-style socialism thanks to high fighting efficiency, might of unity, extraordinary patriotic enthusiasm and indomitable efforts of all the organizations and members of the Party, other people and service personnel of the People’s Army, he declared the 8th Congress of the WPK closed.

The song “The Internationale” was solemnly played.

At the end of the congress, all the participants raised long enthusiastic cheers in reverence for Kim Jong Un, the great head of the WPK, our dignified Party, and outstanding leader of the Juche revolution, in token of their overflowing pledge of loyalty and iron will.

Kim Jong Un warmly waved back to the delegates who joined him for taking the heavy responsibility facing the Party and devoted themselves for the sake of success in the congress, always aware of the expectation and eyes of millions of Party members and other tens of millions of people during the whole period of the congress.

All the participants in the congress were full of high enthusiasm to wholeheartedly uphold the leadership of the great Party Central Committee, become the source kindling the flames of revolution and standard-bearer and pioneer of progress in every campaign site for implementing the decision made at the 8th Party Congress and thus make practical change and achieve substantial successes.

The 8th Congress of the WPK, which took place at a crucial and important time in the development of our revolution, fully demonstrated the revolutionary appearance and militant spirit of the WPK in which the whole Party forms a solid integral whole and makes ceaseless creations and innovations, as it set forth the correct orientation to be followed by our Party and people at the present stage and scientific strategic and tactical policies and secured the strong traction power for their materialization.

The 8th Congress of the WPK will be brilliantly recorded in the history of our Party and country as a political event that made a great watershed in the militant course for strengthening of the great Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Party and overall development of the cause of Korean socialism, and as the congress for struggle and advance that vigorously propelled the historic march for ushering in a period of fresh upsurge, a period of great changes in the revolution. -0-

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