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Wonsan to develop as tourist city

Pyongyang Times, July 14, 2014 — The port city of Wonsan on the east coast of Korea is to be developed into a tourist city.

There was a briefing on the Wonsan area development plan at the conference of experts in economic development zone held in May in Pyongyang.

Wonsan, the capital of Kangwon Province, and the surrounding are home to tourist destinations like world-renowned Songdowon, Myongsasipri (four-kilometre-long scenic sand dune) on the Kalma Peninsula and the world’s first-class Masikryong Ski Resort, and other scenic spots and historical relics such as Sogwang Temple.

The master plan for the development of the Wonsan area was worked out in November 2013.

According to it, the development project will be undertaken, divided into three areas of downtown Wonsan, Kalma Peninsula and Sogwang Temple.

Towers and other modern-style buildings will be constructed in large numbers in the 7 400-hectare downtown and the city will be provided with all conditions needed for commerce, cultural and recreational activities, scientific and technological exchange and tourist management.

Underwater hotel, flower park, international meeting hall, exhibition and exposition hall, stadium and development areas will be built on the Kalma Peninsula with a total planned development area of 1400 hectares and a 100 000-capacity bathing beach, funfair, natural park, villa district and wading pool in Myongsasipri.

More mountaineering routes and accommodations will be built and elements of tourism updated in the 1 500-hectare area of Sogwang Temple.

Wonsan has a very favourable traffic condition.

Some 200 km from Pyongyang, Wonsan is a major railway junction that connects the east and the west, to the west linking with Dandong, Liaoning Province, China via Pyongyang and Sinuiju, and to the north with Khasan, Russia through Hamhung and Chongjin.

It is only 1 or 2 hours flight to Russia, China, Japan and other neighbouring countries and 3 to 4 hours to such big cities as Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Detailed planning is under way for the development of Wonsan.


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