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Wonsan-Mt. Kumgang Area with Great Potentials for Tourism

Pyongyang, November 6 (KCNA) — A project has been pushed ahead in the DPRK to develop Wonsan-Mt. Kumgang area into one of tourist destinations with increased investment in building its infrastructure.

As already known, a general plan for the development of Wonsan-Mt. Kumgang area was unveiled at an international knowledge sharing on SEZs held in Pyongyang several months ago.

After the completion of the Masikryong Ski Resort and Songdowon International Children’s Camp, an increasing number of tourists have visited the area already well-known at home and abroad for the tour of Mt. Kumgang.

The area also boasts of many scenic spots like Ullim Falls and Sambang Ravine. The falls is 75 meters high and the ravine lies 25 kilometers long between Kosan and Sepho counties, Kangwon Province. The ravine has been listed as one of the state’s natural monuments from long ago as it has many fascinating waterfalls, mineral water and peculiar landscapes.

Recently, large-scale Kosan Fruit Farm and Sepho stockbreeding base now under construction in the north and southwest of the ravine are spotlighted as tourist destinations.

Sinphyong Kumgang is also one of the scenic spots near the driveway between Pyongyang and the Wonsan-Mt. Kumgang area.

There are many other scenic beauties and historical relics in the area with an airport, railway stations, harbors, etc.

The DPRK government will welcome foreign companies willing to invest in the above-said tourist zones and experts on development and management of those zones.

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