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Trees Planted and the Lawn Laid Out

Rodong Sinmun, July 6, 2019 — Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un gave precious instructions to attach as great importance to landscaping and forestation as to construction during his field guidance to the construction site of the Wonsan-Kalma coastal tourist area.

True to the instructions, soldier builders and other shock brigade members from ministries, national organs and provinces vigorously pushed ahead with their construction projects as well as with their afforestation, thereby planting more than 350,000 trees and other flowering shrubs of good strains and laying out the lawn hundreds of thousands of square meters in slightly over a year.

Our trustworthy soldier builders planted thousands of ornamental pines of various kinds and dozens of good species of flowering shrubs with ardent patriotism to add unique beauty to the maritime city of Wonsan. Last April they formed quick hedges thousands of meters long in a fortnight and planted various kinds of trees, flowering shrubs and flowers to landscape the shore of the East Sea of Korea further.

The shock workers, too, afforested the tourist area and laid out the lawn there with the attitude of masters. They provided the young trees with sufficient growing conditions and tended them with all care to raise the rate of their rooting.

The Ministry of Urban Management, other ministries, the Pleasure Park General Bureau, other national organs, the People’s Committees of Pyogyang and Kangwon, North Hamgyong and North Phyongan Provinces and those of other provinces supplied the tourist area with trees of superior species, tools and humus soil.

Sim Hak Chol

An affiliate of 38 North