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Third-stage Project for Remodeling Samjiyon City Hastened

Pyongyang, February 12 (KCNA) — The third-stage project for remodeling Samjiyon City of Ryanggang Province has been hastened in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea after completion of its second-stage project last year.

The amount of the third-stage project is bigger than the former one.

According to an official of the field construction headquarters, the ongoing project includes the construction of 20-odd main objects and the pavement of roads extending tens of kilometers, which should be done within this year. Among them are the erection of thousands of houses, public and production buildings and more than 750 structures in 10-odd districts and farms of the city, the laying of several hundred kilometer-long transmission lines and the construction of several blocks of hotels.

The 216 Division in charge of the project took a heat-insulating measure to increase the production of concrete blocks and Hume concrete pipes under the biting cold weather conditions, while preparing a large amount of humus needed for greening.

Meanwhile, a large number of units across the country are striving to supply necessary equipment and materials in time.

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