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Sci-tech Achievements Conducive to Establishing Phosphate Fertilizer Industry

Pyongyang, March 13 (KCNA) — Sci-tech achievements conducive to establishing the Korean-style phosphate fertilizer industry were made by research groups of various universities in the DPRK.

Kim Il Sung University completed the research into processes for removing polluted gas and wastewater treatment of the Sunchon Phosphatic Fertilizer Factory to settle the issues that may have negative effect on the surrounding ecological environment in the course of operation of the factory.

Its research group also established a computer integrated manufacturing (CIM) for an apatite mine, which plays a leading role in the supply of raw materials to the factory, and developed an ore-dressing reagent for raising the quality of apatite concentrate. Now it is speeding up the work to establish a solar generating system.

Teachers and researchers of Kim Chaek University of Technology contributed to building up the CIM of the phosphatic fertilizer factory, designing and manufacturing machines to be installed in conveyer and dust removal systems and preparing the technical specification.

Its research group, dispatched to an apatite mine, put the ore body on a digital basis and manufactured eight kinds of equipment.

Similar successes were made by Pyongyang University of Architecture and other universities. -0-

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