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Landscaping in full swing for tourist zone project

Pyongyang Times, March 14, 2018: Landscaping is making headway in the Wonsan-Kalma coastal tourist zone project.

Working people and builders across the country are scrupulously doing the work from supply of saplings to planting.

The Central Tree Nursery under the Ministry of Land and Environment Protection has ensured a timely supply of saplings and flowering shrubs, while the tree nursery station of the General Pleasure Park Bureau has provided thousands of young trees of different species.

Over 5 500 saplings have come from ministries and national agencies. The same is true with South Hamgyong Province, Nampho and other local areas.

Builders have planted and tended young trees and bushes in line with technical requirements. As a result lots of trees of good species like gingko, zelkova and lilac have rooted. With more than 7 300 saplings in hand, landscaping efforts are gaining momentum.

Meanwhile, building materials to be supplied to the project are being produced as scheduled.

The Chonnaeri Cement Factory has provided cement more than planned.

Since mid-January the Pyongyang Timber Mill has produced thousands of square metres of good-quality waterproof veneer which will be used as shuttering in the construction site.

By Choe Kwang Jin PT

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