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KCNA Report on Completion of Sunchon Phosphatic Fertilizer Factory as Icon of Chemical Industrial Field

Pyongyang, May 2 (KCNA) — The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) released a detailed report Friday in connection with the wonderful construction of the Sunchon Phosphatic Fertilizer Factory.

The scientists, technicians and builders of the country built the modern phosphatic fertilizer production base tantamount to establishing a new industrial field despite the vicious sanctions and pressure from the hostile forces and the disastrous spread of the malignant virus worldwide, thereby sounding the first gun-report of victory in the offensive for making a breakthrough head-on in Sunchon area, the report said, and went on:

The factory divided into production, education and living zones have all its processes automated and streamlined ranging from feeding of raw materials to packing. It is an icon and standard factory in the field of the chemical industry, it being energy-efficient, labor-intensive and environment-friendly.

The completion of the factory which mass-produces high-concentration phosphorus fertilizer in reliance on our own raw materials, resources and technology has opened a break-through in considerably developing the agricultural production and has provided a reliable arsenal of agricultural front and another asset of eternal value for building a powerful country.

The ground-breaking was done in July, Juche 106(2017) for the building of the factory which is like pushing back a new frontier in the development of the chemical industry of the country under the plan and determination of the Party.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un learned in detail about the construction which was in a standstill due to various bottlenecks in the early stage of the construction and saw to it that an audacious operation was unfolded to build the factory our own way to be perfect one.

His visit to the construction site on January 6 last as the first place of his field guidance this year marked an epochal occasion that helped complete the construction on the highest level in the shortest period of time.

The technical preparations and designing for different systems of the production processes were completed to suit to the local availability of raw materials and to meet the trend of the worldwide development of phosphatic fertilizer industry, and precedence was given to drawing tens of thousands of designs ranging from the general blueprint to the assembly designs.

In the construction of the factory our scientists, technicians and workers fully displayed their creative ingenuity and scientific and technological potential to manufacture and assemble our own way lots of key equipment requiring the settlement of lots of technological problems.

Through the all-out charge for unconditionally finishing the construction on the level desired by the Party within the timeline set by it, installations and painting of all sorts of equipment and fixtures, pressure tests, power project, etc. were finished in a prompt way and trial operation began from April.

The builders planted more than 35,000 trees of over 40 species including pine, fir and gingko trees and planted creepers to cover over 130,000 square meters based on elaborate greening plan, thus turning the area of the factory into woodland and greenery.

Officials and working people from across the country rendered material and mental aid to the construction of the factory with patriotism.

The completion of the factory clearly proved once again that the motive power of becoming prosperous by self-reliance is in the hearts of our people who are united close around the Party and who have cherished their own might and the validity of their own cause as the faith, and that the dignity and state might of a powerful country can be guaranteed only by self-reliance.

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