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Third-stage Project for Remodeling Samjiyon City Progresses Apace

Pyongyang, May 7 (KCNA) — The third-stage project for remodeling Samjiyon City is progressing apace.

Frames of hundreds of dwelling houses, public buildings, all kinds of facilities have been built and interior plastering of tens of thousands of square meters completed by the end of April.

Meanwhile, river improvement projects are underway in several areas including Rimyongsu-dong and Phothae-dong.

The brigade of ministries and national institutions under the 216 Division finished the frames of tens of apartment houses to give the clear appearance of the residential quarters at the foot of Mt Paektu.

The Construction Brigade 618 has completed the frames of over 80 apartment houses for more than 300 households and at least 10 public buildings and the Paektusan Hero Youth Brigade has finished river improvement covering a thousand and hundreds of meters while hastening the construction of frames of low-rise and single-storied houses.

At present, the overall framework project in Samjiyon area is being carried out at over 90 percent. -0-

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