KCNA Report on Successful Conclusion of 80-day Campaign

Pyongyang, January 1 (KCNA) — The Korean Central News Agency made a report on the successful conclusion of the historic 80-day campaign through the all-people advance by dint of self-reliance by December 31, Juche 109 (2020).

According to the report, the 80-day campaign of loyalty has been characterized by the eruption of the strong desire and will of all people to bring about victory after victory as it was the all-people offensive to brilliantly conclude Juche 109 (2020) and significantly greet the 8th Congress of the Party by giving further momentum to the loyalty and patriotic enthusiasm that had been remarkably raised on the occasion of the 75th founding anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK).

All the Party members and other people and service personnel of the People’s Army cherished deep in mind the letter sent by the Party Central Committee and responded to the solemn call of the revolution with death-defying practice, thereby making valuable achievements through all-out charge of loyalty and fierce day and night campaign in a blitz war in all the fields for the building of a powerful socialist country.

The key target field of the 80-day campaign, the state emergency anti-epidemic work was further strengthened and anti-epidemic front was maintained as firm as an iron wall and modern socialist villages mushroomed in the areas for recovery from natural disasters in the course of which the miracle of turning adversity into favorable condition and the new history of great change were created.

In major fields of the socialist construction, lots of priceless achievements conducive to consolidating the foundation of the self-reliant national economy and to the improvement of the people’s living standard were made, leaving shining pages on the records of the campaign of our Party.

The shining victory won in the 80-day campaign is the valuable fruition brought about by the outstanding leadership of our Party which opens up the era of new surge of the revolution by tiding over all difficulties in reliance on the people and their inexhaustible might, and it is also the striking manifestation of the tradition of loyalty of our people and the spirit of their heroic struggle by which the bright future was accelerated through grand revolutionary advance ahead of Party Congresses.

The report said that the Party Central Committee aroused the entire Party, the whole country and all the people to the honorable 80-day campaign toward the Party Congress at a crucial and responsible time of breaking through huge challenges before the country and opening up the wide avenue to fresh victory.

The report continued:

The 19th meeting of the Political Bureau of the 7th Central Committee of the WPK adopted a crucial decision on waging 80-day campaign to successfully greet the 8th Congress of the Party which would mark a historic turning point in our revolution with shining achievements.

The letter of the Party Central Committee which held great appeal for millions of members of the Workers’ Party aroused the whole country to fresh endeavors and exploits as an encouraging appeal and immortal militant banner of patriotism.

All the regions, fields and units held army-people joint rallies and meetings to vow to greet the 8th Congress of the Party with shining victories, and launched the 80-day campaign of loyalty with all-out efforts.

The campaign was the one of devoted service for people for protecting the life and safety of our people and firmly consolidating the cradle of their happiness from the worldwide health crisis and the consecutive natural disasters.

The anti-epidemic wall that has been fortified as firm as an iron wall throughout the period of the 80-day campaign has been the noble manifestation of the fixed will of our Party and its transparent outlook on the people, determined to defend the security of the country and the people to the last despite whatever costs without the slightest concession in the struggle for the well-being of the people.

World-startling miracles were created one after another in the project sites for recovery from the natural disasters, foremost fronts to which our Party directed all-out efforts.

During the recovery period, people from all across the country sent lots of encouraging letters reflecting their sincere encouragement while the soldiers of the People’s Army and builders created a fresh surge and innovations to live up to the earnest request of the people. This fully demonstrated the true picture of the great socialist family.

New innovative achievements were made one after another in all sites of economic construction during the campaign.

The agricultural workers across the country, fully aware of their responsibility and duty as the master responsible for the granary of the country, spurred the successful conclusion of the farming for this year and the preparations for next year’s farming in the field of main thrust for defending socialism.

A hundred and scores of high-yielding farms were produced when taking the country as a whole.

Preparations for farming for next year have been pushed ahead in real earnest across the country as a result of which autumn ploughing and self-sufficing manure production goal were attained.

Proud achievements were made in the sites for construction amid high zeal of the working people.

All fields and units of the national economy waged a charge for increased production in the spirit of self-reliance and perseverance to attain the target set by the Party, and thus successfully accomplished plans for 52 main indices in the industrial field.

All the Party members, people and service personnel of the People’s Army won a victory in the 80-day campaign by surmounting manifold hardships and displaying loyalty and this helped lead the great victory of October and the period of new surge of the revolution indebted to the sweats of loyalty shed by people straight to the 8th Congress of the Party. As a result, 2020 has been recorded brilliantly as the year of great struggle, unity and victory in the history of building a powerful socialist country.

The historic 80-day campaign clearly proved once again that nothing can hold in check the staunch advance of Juche Korea backed by the tremendous creativity and mentality of the people with the single-minded unity and self-reliance as the treasured sword, guided by the idea and under the leadership of the great Party. -0-

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