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KCNA Issues Detailed Report on Construction of Township of Samjiyon County

Pyongyang, December 3 (KCNA) — The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) issued a detailed report on December 2 on noble loyalty and immortal feats of the Korean people as regards the fact that the second-stage project for remodeling Samjiyon County has been successfully completed, turning the township of the county into an ideal town for the people.

The detailed report said:

The second-stage project for remodeling Samjiyon County has been successfully completed thanks to the Party’s grand conception of construction and wise guidance and the revolutionary spirit of single-minded unity of the Korean people and their heroic struggle of self-reliance.

Builders preserved the nationality, modernity and the specific feature of the northern tableland in the formation of the township division and construction and opened a new phase of practicality, diversity and the formative art by fully applying the Juche-based architectural aesthetic idea to the overall project.

Thus they built the Township of Samjiyon County into an example of a mountainous modern town, an epitome of modern civilization and created a model of successfully realizing the Party’s idea of local construction.

The dramatic change witnessed in Samjiyon is a brilliant fruition of the Party’s noble moral obligation and love for the people and a precious mental treasure born of the tremendous might of the single-mined unity and the spirit of self-reliance displayed by all the people of the DPRK who are creating socialist civilization to be proud of in the world with their own efforts and in their own way following the Party.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, who regarded it as one of due obligations and revolutionary duties of soldiers and disciples of Chairman Kim Jong Il to better his native county as befits the sacred place of the revolution, unfolded the far-reaching plan for sprucing up Samjiyon County when he visited it in November, Juche 102 (2013).

The field-guidance to the county given by Kim Jong Un in December 2017 despite the bitter cold of winter served as a historic milestone in bringing about a great turn in the construction of the county and creating the standard and example of local construction.

Kim Jong Un paid special attention to every part of the blueprint of the county, setting out the issue of forming a modern street with a main road in front of Kim Jong Il’s statue as the central axis, the issue of clearly dividing blocks of education, dwelling houses and local industry, the issue of adapting the buildings to their uses and avoiding similarity and replica while preserving the features of the mountainous county, and so on.

The mock-up personally watched by Kim Jong Un numbered more than 8800.

So huge is the devotion and dedication made by him to lead the construction as the designer, key builder and key operator of the project. In 2018 alone he visited the construction site three times despite rainy muddy road, mid-summer heat and mid-winter blizzards.

New records were created ranging from the overall city layout to details of each structure, road facilities, visual agitation means including slogans and watchwords and electric light decoration. The greenery of the area was realized on a high level to suit the mountainous county in the Paektu area. This is the characteristics of the new look of the county.

The shock brigade members of the 216 Division and the officers and men of the Korean People’s Army, in hearty response to the appeal of the Party, turned out in the all-out charge to spruce up the Township of Samjiyon County.

The project that required the construction of several-storey and multiple-storey apartment buildings for more than 4000 families and over 380 blocks of public and industrial buildings in hundreds of hectares was gigantic creation drive tantamount to building a city.

In just little over ten days, nearly 200 blocks of old buildings were removed and in tens of days, excavation for infrastructure projects was finished and from March 2018, the project for laying the groundwork for the apartment buildings and public structures went into a full swing.

Great innovation drive pervaded all the construction sites in Paektu area.

Self-built building materials production bases began to profusely pay off as there displayed the same spirit of self-reliance as was displayed in the forests of Mt Paektu.

The movement of creating mass technical innovation swept across the Paektu area.

Hundreds of technical innovations were invented and introduced when taking the Division as a whole, more than doubling the speed of construction thanks to the exceptional zeal shown by the builders.

The radical change brought about in the Township of Samjiyon County is the brilliant result of the noble world of the loyalty of our people.

The dedication of the people across the country to the sacred land of the great sun found its non-stop flow to the Paektu area.

The strong desire and wish of the people to defend and glorify Samjiyon County which they regard as their own native places led to the increased production and transport and nationwide assistance.

Thanks to the pure and clear loyalty displayed by the people, Samjiyon County towered as the excellent standard and ideal model of a mountainous city second to none in the world.

The signal reality presented in the Township of Samjiyon County eloquently proves how noble and beautiful the goal of building a powerful socialist country of the Korean people, who are advancing along the straight road chosen by themselves without any vacillation despite the worst trials, is and how fast the struggle for realizing it is being advanced.

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