Inter-sector Consultative Meetings of Eighth WPK Congress Held

Pyongyang, January 12 (KCNA) — Inter-sector consultative meetings of the Eighth Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) took place on Monday.

The consultative meetings began studying the draft resolution for thoroughly implementing the tasks set forth in the report on the work of the Party Central Committee.

The consultative meetings were guided by Choe Ryong Hae, Ri Pyong Chol, Kim Tok Hun and Jo Yong Won, members of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee, and other members of the Party central leadership body.

The meetings deeply studied and discussed the practical issues for carrying out the goals and tasks of the struggle to be carried out in all fields of socialist construction for the new advance and development of the Korean revolution in the future five years.

The delegates unanimously acknowledged that scientific, realistic and dynamic development direction and detailed ways are urgently needed in their sectors and units in order to certainly orient the overall Party and state work towards facilitating fresh innovation, bold creation and constant progress.

Discussion focused on the urgent issues for the Cabinet to be smoothly equal to the Cabinet-Responsibility System and the Cabinet-Centered System as the economy command of the country on the economic front, the major front for paving a new avenue for socialist construction, strongly propel the work for strengthening the main arteries and the integrity of the national economy and improve the economic management.

At the consultative meeting of the industrial sector, delegates analyzed on the basis of scientific calculation and numeric data the ways of focusing investment on the metal industry and chemical industry, regarding them as key links in the whole chain of the national economy, normalizing the production in the key industrial sectors including electric power, coal, machine and mining industries and putting the national economy on a more self-supporting, planned and serve-the-people basis in the period of the new five-year plan.

The consultative meeting in the agricultural sector discussed in depth the ways to attain the goal of grain production set by the Party without fail by directing efforts into making a radical turn in seed selection, doing farming on a scientific basis, increasing grain production on low-yield fields, cultivating new land and reclaiming tideland, and to round off irrigation and mechanization of the rural economy and intensify state assistance to the rural communities.

The consultative meeting in the sector of light industry discussed the practical measures to step up modernization, regarding it as the lifeline and main direction to promote home production of raw materials and recycling, and to increase the output of consumer goods by improving their quality and putting efforts into developing new products.

The consultative meeting in the sectors of education, public health and literature and arts studied the development strategies for their fields and units in combination with the innovative orientation and relevant tasks for socialist cultural construction advanced in the report of the Party congress.

The participants fully calculated the feasibility of the sci-tech development goals to be attained in different fields in the period of the new five-year plan by accelerating the sci-tech development, as intended by the Party which defined sci-tech development as the most important task and the optimum policy in socialist construction, and the ways for carrying them out.

Suggested were innovative opinions conducive to steadily updating educational contents and methods and teaching management system in keeping with the current world trend of educational development and as required by pedagogy in the education field, developing socialist public health and cementing the anti-epidemic base to be strong enough to tackle any global health crisis by consolidating the material and technical foundation of public health sector and ushering in a new heyday of socialist culture by making a radical turn in the fields of literature and arts, media and sports.

The consultative meetings in the fields of military affairs and munitions industry discussed issues arising in implementing the important strategic tasks for strengthening the state defence capabilities, the cornerstone of the existence of our state and sure guarantee for safeguarding the dignity and security of the country and the people and preserving peace.

Delegates suggested significant and urgent measures for carrying out the grandiose plan of the Party Central Committee for fully preparing the Korean People’s Army to be the revolutionary army modeled on the WPK, ultra-modern army and reliable defender of our state and people, and remarkably developing the defence industry.

The delegates participating in the consultative meetings of officials of the Party and working people’s organizations had in-depth discussions of issues with a high sense of Party responsibility, guided by the Party’s leadership idea which calls for bringing about a fundamental turn in the Party work and for strengthening the working people’s organizations in line with the requirements of the times and the developing reality.

The participants had discussions on practical issues arising in pushing forward with the work of establishing and steadily intensifying the unified leadership system of the Party Central Committee as a main line, in strengthening the leadership and fighting efficiency of the Party in every way by thoroughly establishing an iron discipline within the Party and making a revolutionary climate prevail throughout the Party, and in improving the Party work.

The consultative meeting of working people’s organization officials heard opinions on equipping all the members of working people’s organizations, the transmission belts and outer organizations of the Party, with the revolutionary idea of the Party by directing priority efforts into the internal work of the organizations and ideological education. Particularly, there was an expression of opinions on training the youth league to be a reliable relay to and reserve for the Party.

Scientific and realistic opinions which can guarantee the implementation of the decisions of the Party congress were collected in the inter-sector consultative meetings that proceeded in sincere and technical atmosphere through energetic in-depth study and brainstorming.

All the delegates participating in the consultative meetings were full of enthusiasm to verify their loyalty toward the Party and solemn pledge in the struggle for carrying out the decisions of the Eighth Party Congress by making strenuous efforts with high awareness and stamina to remarkably improve their work as required by the new period of great upsurge and turn of the revolution. -0-

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