Fifth-day Sitting of 8th WPK Congress Held

Pyongyang, January 10 (KCNA) — There was the fifth-day sitting of the 8th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) on Saturday amid great excitement and fresh confidence and spirit pervading the whole country upon receiving guidelines which will confidently lead our revolution which has advanced under the uplifted banner of great Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism to the next stage of victory.

When Kim Jong Un, chairman of the WPK, chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and supreme commander of the armed forces of the DPRK, appeared in the venue of the Congress, all the participants greeted him with hearty cheers.

The Congress continued its work amid political enthusiasm of the participants growing higher inspired by clear policy of the struggle and progress.

Serious discussions continued on the first agenda item “Review on the Work of the WPK Central Committee”.

Speeches were made by Ko In Ho, Choe Sang Gon, Pak Hun, Kang Hyong Bong, Ri Song Hak, Ri Kyong Il, Jong Chang Ik, So Chong Hak, Kim Kwang Nam, Yang Yong Gil, Kim Son Yong and Jang Hyok.

They all expressed full support to the report on the work of the Party Central Committee which indicated the direction of advance and fighting goals for our revolution, admitting that it is the great practical programme surely guaranteeing a fresh leap forward and victory of the socialist construction in the present stage.

Lauding the extraordinary and wise leadership of the Supreme Leader who has glorified the past five years with enormous change and miracles to be etched in history with noble sense of duty and responsibility for the Party, revolution, country and people, the speakers expressed their great pride and self-confidence over making revolution under the leadership of the prominent leader.

They stressed that the meaningful successes achieved in developing the socialist construction despite unprecedented manifold trials and difficulties are entirely a precious fruition of the wise leadership of the Party Central Committee.

The speakers recalled the brisk campaign for scientific farming and high yield which had swept the country and a series of precious progress made in science, education, public health and other fields and units in the struggle for implementing the Party policies during the period under review.

They also analyzed seriously the mistakes they manifested by obstructing the economic development of the country and inconveniencing the people, which are ascribed to their failure in study of their fields and units and lack of the spirit of unconditionally implementing the Party policies and devotedly serving the people.

Criticizing themselves for the deviations in afforestation and water-conservancy, land management, public security and others, the speakers repented of their mistakes before the Party Congress and vowed to work harder with fresh readiness and fighting spirit.

Listening carefully to the speakers, the participants seriously accepted the criticized faults as their own mistakes and the lessons of their units and keenly realized once again that the success in implementing the decisions of the Party hinges on their responsibility and role.

All the participants hardened their resolve to thoroughly implement the new five-year plan with the experience and lessons from the work in the period under review as valuable foundation and reliable stepping stone for future advance and development.

The congress decided to examine and adopt the resolution on the first agenda item after the leadership body of the 8th Party Central Committee to be newly elected forms the resolution drafting committee and sums up creative and constructive opinions through inter-sector consultative meetings.

Made at the congress was a report on the second agenda item “Review of the work of the Central Audit Commission of the WPK”.

The report substantially analyzed and reviewed achievements, experience, mistakes and lessons drawn from the work of the financial management of the Party in the period under review and raised tasks and ways for strictly establishing work system and order in line with the principle and rule of the Party’s financial management and positively guaranteeing the Party’s work and activities financially and materially.

Kim Myong Hun and Ri Chang Song made speeches on the second agenda item.

The congress adopted with unanimous approval a decision on the second agenda item “On bringing about a fresh turn in the financial management by further strengthening the discipline of the party’s finance”.

Made at the congress was a discussion on the third agenda item “On amendments to the rules of the WPK”.

Pak Thae Song raised a report on the amendments to the rules of the WPK on the principle of the Juche-oriented party building and as required by the developing revolution.

The delegates studied with discretion the contents of the draft amendments to the rules of the Party which clearly indicated the revolutionary nature, mission and action programme of the WPK as the great Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Party and revised and amended the rule to action, mode of activities and norms to be observed by the organizations and members of the Party.

Admitting that the draft amendments to the rules of the Party are of important and practical significance in strengthening the leadership and fighting efficiency of the Party, the general staff of the revolution, in every way and putting the party building and activities on a regular basis, the congress adopted a decision on the third agenda item “On the amendments to the rules of the WPK” with unanimous approval.
The congress continues. -0-


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