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Construction of Pyongyang General Hospital in Full Swing

Rodong Sinmun, April 9, 2020 — Soldier-builders of the Guards Hero Brigade and the builders of the Eighth Construction Bureau are waging a vigorous struggle to realize the noble will of the Workers’ Party of Korea on building the Pyongyang General Hospital for the people on a modern basis at an early date.

The building units made open caissons and drew water out of them with pumps while pushing ahead with the drilling work without letup. In addition, they massed heavy machines on the spot and removed earth in a three-dimensional and blitz war way, creating a surprising speed in it.

Thus, earth of hundreds of thousands of cubic meters was excavated in a little more than 20 days.

Not content with this, they are making continuous successes in the foundation concrete tamping every day.

Geared like cogwheels in time are all working processes including steel and frame work and transportation of concrete mixture. Especially, foremost importance is given to ensuring quality on the principle of taking responsibility for the safety of the projects and guaranteeing their absolute quality for eternity.

Myong Chun Gil

An affiliate of 38 North