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Achievements Made in Construction of Samjiyon County

Pyongyang, December 29 (KCNA) — The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is pushing forward the work to spruce up Samjiyon County.

Samjiyon County is a historic land where President Kim Il Sung led the anti-Japanese armed struggle to victory and leader Kim Jong Il was born as the Shining Star of Mt Paektu.

According to a person concerned, officials and shock brigade members of the 216 Division, builders from the ministries, national institutions and provincial people’s committees and soldier-builders have conducted the construction in the spirit of self-reliance and self-development despite all difficulties and hardships.

Officials, scientists and researchers of various units, including the Revolutionary Relics Administration Guidance Bureau, Kim Il Sung University and the Songyong Electric Light Decoration Institute, made sure that the statue of Kim Il Sung at the shore of Lake Samji and the statue of Kim Jong Il in Samjiyon Town are standing on the highest level.

Soldier-builders of the Korean People’s Internal Security Forces completed the project for repairing stone stairs of Lake Chon on Mt Paektu and exterior projects of 10-odd objects including Hyangdo and Paektu railway stations.

Samjiyon Youth Railway Station, Samjiyonmotka Railway Station and other structures have been built to suit the features of mountainous area, and the project for Hyesan-Samjiyon broad-gauge railway is near to completion.

The Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism Study Hall of Samjiyon County has been remodeled as a model of the country. The frame project for the Paektusan Museum was completed and Samjiyon Town Hotel and the Samjiyon Town General Shop built.

The Samjiyon Potato Farina Production Factory with potato farina production buildings, potato storage, auxiliary building and workers’ hostel was built in a brief span of time.

Builders, scientists and researchers installed 100-kilowatt solar panels and wind-driven generators on the top of Pegae Hill to create 400-kilowatt wind and solar generating capacity.

They carried out the project for laying optical fibre cable to finish tele-communications infrastructure for giving tele-education and sci-tech data service to farms, industrial establishments, schools, field of the preservation of revolutionary relics and many other units of the county.

Builders made blocks and finishing building materials with pumice and larch abundant in the county to ensure the formative art of structures on a high level. They are also stepping up the construction of dwelling houses in the county down.

The DPRK plans to turn Samjiyon County into a grand open-air museum for education in revolutionary traditions, model and iconic county of mountainous cities, model unit in potato farming and a model which takes the lead in realizing the comprehensive mechanization of rural economy and a place to be envied by the people the world over.

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